"I believe in an education system that creates opportunities for students to become successful in their life journeys, no matter what path they choose. Education has the power to enhance life and we need to harness that power in Ward 8"



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Ward 8 is my home. My four siblings and I were raised by our mother in Anacostia. Like many Native Washingtonians, especially those east of the river, we grew up in a city where violence and poverty was much too common in our communities. It's not easy raising five kids alone, but my mother did it in one of the toughest places in the city. My mother understood the difference between us being a product of our environment and us being contributive members to our environment was education. She instilled in us the importance of education at a very young age, always reminding us that we could decide the outcome of our lives by the choices we made. 

For decades, Ward 8 has endured a lack of equitable economic development and prosperity. As a result, the growth of our people and our community has been stagnant. We have the power to change the trajectory of our community and more importantly, we have the power to enhance the lives of our young people. If we are going to grow as a community, our goal must be to break the cycles of oppression our families endure. Through the power of education, we can do just that. My plan focusses on increasing access to mental health resources, identifying the best ways to teach our students, and creating pathways for our young people to be successful in tech-related fields. 


As our city continues to change, so does the world. Technology is a growing force and many of the jobs in our national workforce will be concentrated in technology fields. Right now, we are experiencing what is considered to be the fourth industrial revolution, and we have a unique opportunity to shape the lives and futures of our kids. The world will need more coders, aviation technicians, and app developers. My plan calls for the implementation of STEM and coding education in all Ward 8 schools. It is up to us to make sure we are preparing out young people for the future and with your help, I hope to make this plan a reality. 

ryan washington board of education, vinc


Ryan is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Anacostia. He is the oldest of five children and was raised by a single mother. Ryan became civically engaged at age 12, after witnessing high levels of violence in his community. Ryan joined the DC Youth Advisory Council (DCYAC) to advocate for safer communities in Southeast DC and other parts of the city. While in high school, Ryan served as Youth Mayor of DC and helped implement the city's first anti-bullying policy in DCPS. Ryan interned at the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Department of State for the duration of his undergraduate career. 

Ryan is a recent graduate of Howard University, where he studied Political Science, with a concentration in Pre-Law. Ryan works for the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, a non-profit in Anacostia. Ryan is currently running for the Board of Education because he understands the unique challenges and needs of students, parents, and teachers in Ward 8. Ryan hopes to increase access to mental health resources for students and introduce coding and STEM education into Ward 8 schools. He believes education has the power to change lives and wants to harness that power to create stronger students and a stronger Ward 8.


increased mental health resources in all ward 8 schools 

blended learning model adoption

coding and stem education 

closing the digital divide

creating safe spaces within our schools and communities 

To learn more about some of these issues and our commitment to finding solutions, please click here: Full Washington For Ward 8 DC Platform



The Washington For Ward 8 DC campaign will be participating in DC's Fair Elections program. We are fortunate to participate during the premiere year of the program, which gives individual residents more financial power to support the candidate(s) of their choice.

All small-donor contributions will be matched by a rate of 5 to 1. This gives residents the ability to be more engaged in the election process and allows candidates to prioritize individual residents. The maximum contribution our campaign can accept is $20.

During this election cycle, our campaign will not be accepting donations from corporations, PACs, or special interest groups. We believe movements are powered by people and that is who we will look to during this election to help us win.

To learn more about DC's Public Financing System, please click here: Fair Elections


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